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Blessings for Individuals

If you’re looking for a small ministry that needs you, where you can make and see your impact, Timothy House is it!

Bless your Family

Supporting Timothy House is a great way to teach your children valuable lessons such as thankfulness and service.

Bless your Church or Nonprofit Group

Timothy House welcomes partnerships with churches and other groups, and has a good track record of positive outcomes.

Bless your Business

Partnering with Timothy House may be a great way to improve your company image and results.

Watch a "behind the sceens" video where Timothy House children share what a "typical day" is like and their plans for the future.

the work the lord uses you to do

Casa Timoteo (Timothy House) is a Christian children's home in Sonora, Mexico. It wouldn't exist without the prayerful support of people like you. That's why we say it is "your house!" It's like they say in Mexico "Mi casa es su casa!" (Our house is your house!)
We're raising orphans to one day be faithful, responsible parents

We know that fatherless children often grow up and create more fatherless children. Our goal is to break this destructive cycle by not only caring for at-risk youth, but also raising them to be faithful, responsible parents.

This is an audacious goal because it is difficult enough to raise our own children, let alone someone elses children with emotional scars and developmental problems. Yet, by God’s grace more than 40 children have been mentored as residents of Timothy House so far. We are excited to see what God will do with these youth as they one day get married and start families.

Timothy House was founded in 2007 by Americans Bob and Joy Huber, and is now run by a Mexican couple. A healthy local church oversees the ministry spiritually, while US partners provide accountability, planning and prayerful support.

  • Home Capacity

    There are 27 children living in Timothy House

  • Funding level

    Monthly donations are needed

  • Staffing

    We need to hire another care giver

  • Students with excellent grades

    We are working hard to improve academic performance

Meet Your ministry staff

We're honored to serve the Lord, the children and you. Tap the photos below to see details.
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Samuel and Maritza

Orphanage Directors
Maritza pays the bills, oversees the children’s schooling and the house operations, such as buying food, clothes and supplies. Samuel helps with maintenance, transportation, etc.
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Care Giver
Lucy cooks, cleans and lives at Timothy House half of each week.
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Care Giver
Lupita cooks, cleans and lives at Timothy House half of each week.
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Bob and Joy Huber

US Administrators
Bob and Joy moved to Mexico in 2003 and helped start 3 orphanages. They started Timothy House in 2007 to disciple boys to be faithful husbands and responsible fathers, and continue to oversee the work.

Timothy House graduates give thanks

Here are some testimonies from youth who have grown up and left Timothy House

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