Timothy House Mission

Andres, Isabel, Victor, George, Jorge, Alexis, Alejandro

Andres, Isabel, Victor, George, Jorge, Alexis, Alejandro

Timothy House Aims to Prevent Future Orphans, Not Just Care for Them

Timothy House, or Casa Timoteo as it is called in Spanish, is a Christian home located in the Sonora Desert in northern Mexico.

We know that fatherless children often grow up and create more fatherless children. Therefore, it is paramount that we break this destructive cycle by preventing more children from becoming orphans.  Otherwise we would just be treating the symptoms of the problem.  The vision of Timothy House is not only to care for at-risk youth, but also raise them to be godly, faithful and responsible parents.

This is an audacious goal because it is difficult enough to raise our own children, let alone someone else’s children with emotional scars and developmental problems. Yet, by God’s grace more than 40 children have been mentored as residents of Timothy House so far. We are excited to see what God will do with these youth as they one day get married and become mothers and fathers.