Bless Your Family by Serving Orphans

Introducing your children to the Timothy House ministry for orphans is a great way to teach them thankfulness and service.  In our egotistic, materialist society it is easy for our kids to become self-centered and spoiled.  We don’t want our children to turn out that way, and they don’t have to.  Give them the opportunity to serve an orphan and they may just get hooking on the joy of this selfless ministry.

Here’s how to Get Started!

  1. Pray for the Timothy House ministry.  We depend first on God’s grace and providence
  2. Read and share the encouraging Orphan Stories.  Start here!
  3. Become an Orphan Advocate.   Be an integral part of orphan ministry!  Start here!
  4. Donate.  Yes, we need funds, clothes, food, and supplies
  5. Visit Casa Timoteo in Mexico – Timothy House is a safe and easy to get to 3rd world orphanage destination! We are only an hour south of the US border, only 2 hours south of Tucson, Arizona.

Here’s More About Timothy House